Event details

12th January 2022, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing
  • Back to work
  • Webinar
  • Team Time



This webinar is delivered by Maudsley Learning and is part of a series of 5 engagement events that aim to support staff wellbeing and COVID recovery in SEL ICS. Each event explores a different topic that has been identified from relevant literature and media and has been developed with the support of the SEL ICS Wellbeing Board.

The webinar will discuss the culture of health and social care staff around mental health, and how individuals and organisations can promote a positive culture and reduce stigma.

Surveys into employee attitudes reveal that health and care staff find it difficult to seek help for their health, particularly when it relates to mental health. There are a range of reasons for why staff may be reluctant to openly share their psychological distress, including mental health stigma, fear of how this may impact their career progression, and guilt of letting down colleagues. Importantly, when such attitudes are shared among many individuals, they become embedded in the organisation with little opportunity to resist or challenge cultural beliefs. The COVID-19 pandemic shed light into the experience of mental health and wellbeing within the health and care professions, and multiple initiatives have originated thereof. In order to support and enhance the current initiatives and immense work going into improving staff wellbeing, it is crucial to raise awareness of the deeper cultural and systemic issues that may prevent or delay the uptake of wellbeing offers.

This session will dive deeper into the evidence of workplace culture regarding wellbeing. On the one hand it will discuss what evidence shows the current situation is, and on the other it will open the discussion of how culture can be positively changed on individual, team and management levels.