Event details

29th October 2021, 2:00pm to 3:00pm


  • Global communities



The Staff Support team invites SLaM employers only to attend a Team Time/Schwartz Round celebrating Black History Month on the theme ‘ Proud To Be Black’. ALL SLaM Staff from all backgrounds, culture, ethnicities, bands, disciplines, both clinical and non-clinical are welcome to join! You will be emailed the link to your SLaM email addresses. 

It is hoped this theme will allow for a broad range of reflections including:

  • What makes us proud of who we are
  • Inspiring stories
  • What does diversity and inclusivity bring
  • Our true identity

What is a Team Time session?

Team Time sessions are the online version of Schwartz Rounds. They are whole organisation spaces for staff to reflect on the emotional and personal impact of the work we do; it is not an operational or problem-solving meeting.

The session will be structured around panellists giving personal stories before the audience have an opportunity to share reflections or their own experiences. Meetings are facilitated by trained facilitators to ensure they remain non-judgemental and compassionate spaces. You are welcome to forward this invite to colleagues who wish to join but haven’t received the invite.

If you would like to be a panellist for this session or have any questions, please contact SchwartzRounds@slam.nhs.uk or rawle.ragoobar@slam.nhs.uk.

House Rules:

1. Please join on time and read instructions for participation in the chat if you join late.

2. Please do not use the chat function for general discussion.

3. Use the ‘hand raise’ function if you would like to contribute and wait for a facilitator to call on you to speak.

4. Respect and be kind to others and do not take information outside of the session so that the space remains confidential.

5. Speak from the “I” if you give reflections rather than speaking on behalf of others.

6. If in a public space, please ensure nobody can hear the reflections being shared

**The session WILL NOT be recorded. General themes will be collated in order to improve the support that is offered to staff, but this will not include specific stories or reflections, or any identifiable information. **