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16th December 2021, 9:00am to 5:00pm


  • Back to work



This free workshop is for health and social care staff who are absent from work and are planning on returning. It doesn’t matter what stage of this returning process you are at (please note: it is not a course for those interesting in supporting returners). In collaboration with Health Education England (HEE) and South East London Integrated Care System, Maudsley Learning have developed this to course to support returners, focusing on personal skills and wellbeing.

Maudsley Learning have experience of working closely with returners through the delivery of several courses and workshops. As such, our faculty have a good appreciation and awareness of the range of experiences and diverse needs that returners can have when preparing to return to work. This is true both in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic and more general work-related health needs.

We know there are many reasons why people may have been absent from work in the last year and understand that returning can be a daunting prospect. By gaining a better appreciation of the importance of personal skills and wellbeing in this context, and having the opportunity to explore and develop these skills within a peer group of fellow returners, participants will feel more confident about returning to work.

There will be a strong focus on small-group interactive work to share their experiences and reflections with one another in facilitated groups. The workshop will be delivered online over one day with breaks. The 3 themes covered have been selected as they reflect emerging research on the needs of returners in relation to personal skills and wellbeing:

1. Self-care
2. Identify & personal reflection
3. Group care & relationships

Learning objectives
After attending the course, the participants will:


  • Understand key concepts in relation to personal skills and wellbeing for doctors returning to work.
  • Understand main needs of returners in terms of personal skills and well-being
  • Be supported to use reflective tools to achieve work-life boundaries and balance.
  • Be supported to use reflective tools to deepen understanding of self-perception, professional identity and goals.
  • Gain confidence in assertiveness and negotiating challenging conversations they may encounter in the workplace.
  • Be signposted to other resources to support returners on their journey back to work.

The course is aimed at Health and social care staff planning to return/approaching
return/recently returned. (Please note: this is not a course for staff planning to supervise returners).

Location: This course will be taking place digitally via Zoom.

Dates & time:

2nd November 2021

9th December 2021 

16th December 2021