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5th December 2021, 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Online (Zoom)

  • Mental health
  • Mindfulness

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Do you ever long for a rest from your busy mind? Do you feel off balance, preoccupied, or restless? Or somewhat disconnected from your feelings, out of touch with your lived reality?

Embodied Presence can offer you a different way of being with yourself. It is a body-centred mindfulness practice and a process of cultivating a deeper, more wholesome relationship with body and mind. This workshop will nourish you with you a unique combination of embodied meditation practices and sharing opportunities. Your participation will offer you a first glimpse into your body as a place of profound wisdom, including:

  • The experience of your thinking mind coming to a place of rest.
  • A body-based awareness which sees clearly and accepts things as they are.
  • An access to your bodily felt sense which fosters deep connectedness.
  • The ability to meet emotions in your body, feeling them safely and with ease.
  • The capacity to stay anchored in the body even in the face of difficulty.

Find out more about what Embodied Presence means here.

This 5-week course will suit anyone wishing to discover and deepen the benefits of a body-centred mindfulness. Previous mindfulness / meditation experience will be beneficial but is not essential, as the course accounts for all practice levels.

Course Costs: This 5-week course is £175. The fee includes the following: practice recordings for personal use at any time; and a booklet of course resources.

For further information and to register, contact gilbertconstanze@gmail.com