Event details

9th December 2021, 10:30am to 12:45pm


  • Wellbeing
  • Webinar



This eight-session course explores the complex and fascinating relationship between our minds and bodies. We will look at theoretical and scientific concepts of balance drawn from biology, psychology and world philosophy. Using this central idea, we will look at how our minds and bodies have evolved to maintain balance in intriguing ways. Then, we will practise experiential exercises that are aimed to facilitate a felt experience of these concepts. The sessions will conclude with a reflection on what we have learnt and experienced, and how this might change how we perceive ourselves and care for our own physical and mental health.

Part 1 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 28th October

Part 2 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 4th November

Part 3 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 11th November

Part 4 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 18th November

Part 5 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 25th November

Part 6 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 2nd December

Part 7 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 9th December

Part 8 | 10:30am-12:45pm | Thursday 16th December

N.B. These sessions are delivered using the Teams Meeting format, where you will be seen and heard, and so will not be recorded.