Community leaders across South London have listened to over 5700 people, help turn mental health problems into tangible issues, and are now leading in finding the solutions.

It's now time to act. Join us on 16th June from 6-8pm for the online South London Listens Summit.

Led by the South London community, we will put our solutions toward leaders of mental health trusts and local councils. This is our time to get decision makers to take action on the powerful stories we have heard throughout South London Listens.

This is for the parent needing access to local peer support groups to combat social isolation. The key worker in need of a living wage to ease the financial pressures exacerbated by the pandemic. And so many others. Stand with South London communities who have been working tirelessly to leave this pandemic stronger.

Join us and make sure all the work communities across South London has done leads to action.

Register today

Join your community by registering for this ground-breaking summit today. The summit will be held on Zoom on Wednesday 16 June 2021 from 6pm to 8pm.