An adult woman with her arm around an elderly ladyBeing a carer is hard work

While caring for our nearest and dearest can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling, it can also be exhausting, overwhelming and frustrating and leave us running on empty.

This is especially the case if you already have a demanding caring job, such as working in the health or care sector, outside of your caring responsibilities.

It's easy to start to neglect our own needs when the needs of those we love and care about demand so much time and energy.

But your needs are important too and if you neglect taking care of yourself it's likely that your wellbeing will be compromised and you could find that you eventually have nothing left to give.

If you're finding that being a carer is impacting on your mood or general wellbeing there's support out there for you, including the resources on this site. 

People caring for loved ones are known to benefit from talking to others who are also caring for family and friends as they can learn and be supported by people who may have been through similar experiences. The organisations we have listed below may be able to help you to find a support group.

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