Stress1.pngCost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is understandably causing a lot of people to be feeling stressed about finances. If you are feeling overwhelmed with worry, you can request a callback to have a wellbeing conversation with one of our mental health practitioners to talk about how you are feeling. 

On this page you can find different sources of support to help you and your family with the increasing cost of living.

The think tank Institute for Government defines the UK's cost of living crisis as "the fall in real disposable incomes (that is, adjusted for inflation and after taxes and benefits) that the UK has experienced since late 2021". Source - The Institute for Government

This means that the cost of everyday essentials like groceries and bills are rising faster than average household incomes.

Further information can be found here:

Affinity Connect courses

Affinity Connect is a specialist provider of financial education in the workplace for the public sector. They help employees understand how to maximise their retirement savings in the context of their overall financial position, by delivering financial education.

See below what upcoming courses they are running to support you with your finances.