Update - 1st March 2022

On 1st March 2022, the Health and Social Care Secretary confirmed that regulations making COVID-19 vaccination a condition of deployment in health and social care will be revoked on Tuesday 15 March following the government consultation. Thank you for your support during this time and we are sorry for the additional stress and concern this caused many of you at an already challenging time. We are all very grateful that we will not have to issue termination of employment letters to any member of staff. You can read the full government announcement here.

KWSEL support the vaccination as the best way for us to protect ourselves, our patients, and our friends and families from COVID-19. Therefore we will continue to provide you with comprehensive signposting to information and support about the COVID-19  vaccines.

We are aware that those of you who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine were asked to make a very difficult choice as part of the proposed ‘vaccination as a condition of deployment’ (VCOD) regulation and we do not underestimate how stressful this has been. It has also been incredibly hard for many of you working as leaders to implement this national policy in a proportionate and fair way within your teams. Thank you for behaving professionally, compassionately and supportively over what has so far been a very difficult time.  

Our workforce is our strongest asset and we want to do everything we can to support you. If you have been impacted by these changes then please do reach out to the KWSEL team via live chat, phone line (020 3228 3563), or fill in the request a call back form. 


Listen to why Sabrina decided to get the Covid 19 vaccine.

Just like many of use, Sabrina had reasons for being hesitant about taking the vaccine. Listen to her reasons and how she came to the decision of taking the vaccine.

"I've taken the vaccine to protect myself but also to protect our vulnerable patients."

Further information

Concerns about the vaccine can be varied, whether in relation to possible side effects, in response to social media posts or other understandable concerns and worries

Millions of people across the UK and the world have now received the Covid-19 vaccination. In doing so they have helped protect themselves, their families and others.   

Further information in different languages about the vaccine and details of how to book or visit a walk-in clinic can be found on the South East London Clinical Commission Group (SEL CCG) website and the SEL vaccination website respectively.

Below are some useful resources to check your knowledge on the vaccines:

Below are useful information on vaccinations, pregnancy and fertility:

The fear of needles is very common and is something that can be managed with help.

Below are some resources with quick tips and techniques:

Please do reach out to us on the chat or request a call back if you would like to discuss this news further.