character bme m.pngIn health and social care sectors, we are proud of the huge diversity in the ethnicity, culture and nationality of our colleagues. We also recognise that people from different ethnic backgrounds have unique needs and experiences.

Over the past 17 months, we have seen research and reported experiences showing that COVID-19 has disproportionately affected colleagues from Black and Asian backgrounds, with both an increased likelihood of testing positive and higher rates of mortality.

 This page is dedicated to supporting people from various ethnic groups in addition to free psychological services, resources for workplace support and self-help.

While some sites we signpost may use the acronym B.A.M.E, we have moved way from this because the homogenisation of all ethnic minority groups into one acronym can be a very problematic lens in considering matters of diversity. It teaches that everyone non-white is the ‘other’ without much reflection on the multitude of differences between these groups. It is also used to brush over the need to tackle the different challenges affecting individual minority groups.

We have pages dedicated to global majority mental health and wellbeing, professional groups and networks, Covid-19 and racism.

For advice and support on immigration-related issues, please follow the links below: