Keeping yourself well

Research have shown us time and time again that sleep, nutrition, exercise and social support are all things that we can work on to improve our wellbeing. In addition, we know that taking breaks and doing things that are important to us can lead to better mood and productivity.

Browse the pages below to give you ideas on how to keep yourself well during these challenging times.

Video: Tips from a Psychologist on looking after yourself

Martin is a psychologist working at King's College Hospital.

Part of his job is to help support the wellbeing of staff.

But there comes a point where things start to feel too much; working in mental health and taking care of others doesn't exempt you from having challenges of your own.

The Five Foundations of Wellness 

The Anti-Burnout Club have created an evidence-based Five Foundations of Wellness to help manage your wellbeing by looking at five different ways of keeping yourself well. 

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Want to learn how powerful all five of these foundations can be together? Take the Anti-Burnout Club's Free Five Days to Better Well-Being Course packed full of lessons for each foundation. 

The Anti-Burnout Club is an all-rounded wellbeing platform that covers all different aspects of physical and mental health. With 100s of on-demand classes, courses and recipes plus weekly live lessons, there's something for everyone to help beat burnout, reduce stress, and reclaim your calm. You can expect lessons in yoga, Pilates, dance, fitness, EFT (tapping), meditation, breath work, mindfulness, nutrition, CBT therapies, and much more. NHS workers are able to access everything on the site for just £2.99 a month instead of the usual £9.99 a month. The key workers discount code can be found here