character (7).pngThe LGBT survey published by the Government in 2018 revealed that many who identified as LGBT had difficulty accessing mental health services, due to long waiting lists.

Many of the survey respondents also mentioned that their GP did not help.

To overcome these issues, you can self-refer yourself to free, accessible, confidential, high quality psychological services where you will be prioritised.

Be sure to mention that you are a health or care worker in south east London.


We know that there have been negative experiences when it comes to accessing physical and mental health services. Many LGBT people reported that this is due to lack of knowledge among medical staff about the needs of LGBT people.

We have compiled resources specifically tailored to LGBT people:

Browse through the images below for resources specifically tailored towards LGBT people.


Staff understand experiences of LGBT+ staff and the impact on their mental wellbeing during Covid-19 (LGBT Foundation), as well as the experiences of staff with disabilities (Health Foundation), as this knowledge will be critical to successful outreach work.

Find resources below for coping in this challenging time

Browse through the images below for resources to help you during this challenging time.

Intersectionality in LGBTQ+

We know that the majority of LGBTQ+ individuals in southeast London boroughs are from a diverse cultural background.

Below are resources tailored to LGBTQ+ individuals from Black, Asian and other Minority Ethnic backgrounds.

Supporting our LGBTQ+ colleagues

Many LGBTQ+ staff reported facing discrimination and harassment at work. 

Find out below how you can help support your LGBTQ+ colleagues.


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When someone discloses that they are LGBT, remember: They may have disclosed this information in confidence. Don’t spread this like wildfire. Remember to ask for their permission.

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Many LGBT people experience hurtful comments or verbal harassment. Remember to report if you witness any such thing.

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Educate yourself. Don't rely on your LGBT colleagues to tell you what is okay and not okay. 

There is plenty of online LGBT ally training you can go for, like this one from the Safe Zone Project and Stonewall Scotland

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It’s okay to make mistakes, but remember to apologise and learn from this experience.

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Offer support and solidarity to any colleagues experiencing discrimination.

Below are contact details for LGBT staff networks in NHS Trusts in the SEL area. Staff networks can help provide support and solidarity to staff as well as act as a collective voice in raising issues with Trusts.

Feedback and suggestions

We welcome feedback from LGBTQ+ staff. Please don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions via email or our live chat.