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If you have a learning disability, there is support to help you feel better. A learning disability is explained as impacting you everyday, having reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with things such as household tasks, being with other people or managing money. This affects you for your whole life. (Source: Mencap). 

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How are you feeling?


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Do you feel scared? Are you worried about the future?

Do you feel like this before a job interview or meeting someone new? If you do, this might be anxiety.

Lots of people feel like this. Anxiety is a type of fear. Anyone can get this in their lives.

Sometimes we might not know why we feel this way. It can stop us doing the things we would like to be able to do.

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If you are worried about getting a new job, click on the blue word for help: Mencap

You might be feeling worried about the Covid-19 lockdowns and being outside again with lots of people. 

It can help if you take each day slowly. To help you at first, you might spend only 5 minutes outside, with someone you trust. The next day, you could try 10 minutes. You can add more time and go further away from your house each day.

You can find out more about this feeling during Covid-19 by clicking on the blue words: changes to restrictions.

You could also try doing some calm breathing work and focus on how you feel by closing your eyes. This is called mindfulness and you can find out more about by clicking the blue word: mindfulness.

Watch this video about anxiety in people with learning disabilities and how you can support someone with anxiety:






Are you feeling tired all the time? Are you sleeping badly?

You might feel like this after someone you know dies. Sometimes it may be difficult to know why you are feeling like this. 

This might be depression. But there is support. You can also do some exercise or something fun to help you feel better. Talking to other people often helps too. 

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Stress can feel different. It can give you a headache. It can make you feel like there is a lot going on at the moment that you can't keep up with. 

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Does it take you ages to get to sleep? Do you wake up a lot in the night?

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Are you angry about someone dying? Are you sad about someone dying?

This is a normal response and is called bereavement or grief.

You can feel like this for a long time afterwards. It might be difficult to feel happy after someone dies.

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Other help

Wellbeing LD

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What is near me? LD

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Mental Health Foundation


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Mencap Sport


 Being active is important in looking after your mental wellbeing. Click on the Mencap Sport picture to get active.


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