If you have any kind of physical disability​​​​​​character - woman and man.png, it is really important to look after your physical body, sometimes even more so than those who don't have a physical disability. It is equally important to look after your mental wellbeing. If you are struggling with your mental wellbeing it can make your physical condition harder to cope with. There are lots of self-help resources available.

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Useful information

Research suggests that social relationships play an important role in maintaining the mental wellbeing of individuals with a physical disability (read the full article). Alongside socialising, there are many supportive resources that can help you look after your wellbeing:

The resources here are not exhaustive and don't cover every physical disability, these are just some organisations we found and there will be more. If you would like to speak to us about your needs, we can work together with you to help find the most appropriate support. Call us on 020 3228 3563 or chat to us by clicking on the button below. 

- redeployment and f2f work during pandemic (wanting and able to work versus shielding). Not able to be on frontline. 

- feeling less valuable than the able bodied worker 

- disclosure