There is strong evidence that Buddy Systems help build team resilience and protect staff as buddies can support the work on stress management through check-ins.

Buddied up staff get to know each other better and are therefore better placed to identify if something changes e.g. quieter than usual, more irritable etc. 

Within a developed relationship this is easier pointed out. Less likely to just accept “I am fine” in response to the question “are you ok?” 

Try a buddying system:

•Team members are paired up in order to check in on each other’s welfare during a shift. 

•The team manager or NIC could buddy people up at the start of the shift: asking buddies to look out for each other and any signs their buddy is struggling. 

•Where possible, buddies should take their breaks together.

•This can be new or junior staff with more experienced staff or just all staff members in pairs.