Raising concerns

Health and social care staff should feel confident, and be supported, to raise concerns and speak up when they have work-related concerns. 

You can get free, independent and confidential advice from the helplines listed below:

Every NHS trust in England should have 'freedom to speak up' guardians or ambassadors available to support staff to raise concerns.

Organisation-specific support

We have listed specific resources below to support the wellbeing of teams and leaders, but some organisations also offer their employees access to free support, such as Occupational Health services and the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), to support their physical and mental wellbeing at work. Please speak to your organisation about the services that are available to you.

We have listed some local employer-based support services, but we are keen to expand this. If you are a health and social care organisation in south east London and would like us to list your organisation's staff support offer, please get in touch: slm-tr.keepingwell.sel@nhs.net