King’s College Hospital (Denmark Hill) & Princess Royal University Hospital (Bromley)

  1. A peer-based response to support organisation-wide adjustment to high levels of anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Wellbeing Hubs -A space to recharge, connect with others, access support -Staffed by existing Wellbeing Hub staff -Signposting to appropriate self- management resources and mental health and wellbeing pathways
  • Wobble rooms -For 1:1 conversations with distressed staff -Staffed by psychologist or mental health first aider
  • Wellbeing Partners: -Supporting managers and teams with preventative good practice -Providing navigation to appropriate resources and/or support
  • Resources: -NHS & King's College Hospital well-being and self-management resources developed for individuals, teams & managers -VIVUP benefits and resources platform -Mindfulness4all KHP launch in January (Mindfulness live & recordings available to staff, patients and carers)

2. Outreach and ward based in-reach to those with more persistent or acute distress.

  • Wellbeing partners -Identify and bring support into teams where needed
  • Bespoke in-reach -Team sessions with psychological staff -Support to professional groups
  • Team Wellbeing Inbox & Phone number -Staffed Inbox to monitor and respond to requests for support for teams / managers -Telephone number for managers and leaders to request support

3. Systems to provide staff with rapid access to evidence-based psycho-social treatments.

  • Access to online resources -Signposting and comms to raise awareness of NHS staff support phone and text lines to offer confidential support and signposting.
  • Employee Assistance Programme (welfare support, counselling, coaching sessions) support -Access to up to 6 sessions of counselling/ coaching and welfare support
  • Occupational Health referrals -MDT and psychology service for limited number of staff with more complex
  • SIS debriefs -Available when needed

4. Rapid escalation of areas and issues of concern.

  • Escalation -Regular reporting of staff wellbeing to relevant command structures and professional groups to enable real-time improvement/organisational response

  • Recharge 
  • Access support 
  • Mental health navigation 
  • Chapliancy support 
  • Skin clinic
  • Leap learning clinic 

  • Mental health safe spaces 
  • 1:1 spaces for staff experiencing emotional distress

  • Direct support to wards
  • Mental health navigation 
  • Access to resources 
  • Support for managers and teams with wellbeing practice

  • Staffed e-mail inbox
  • Telephone line for managers and leaders
  • Leadership and support circles 
  • SI Debriefs 
  • Management support 

  • For individuals teams and managers 
  • NHS self management and wellbeing resources
  • King's specific resources 
  • VIVUP launch 
  • Mindfullness4all launch 

  • Clear signposting for staff to access emotional support via EAP and NHS phone/text line. 
  • Occupational health, MDT and psychological input for treating staff with more complex needs. 

  • Daily yoga 
  • Meditation 
  • Qigong
  • Mindfulness

  • Regular feedback on staff wellbeing to command structures and professional groups. 

Staff briefing sessions around Vaccination as a Condition of Deployment (VCOD) have now passed. KCH will run additional sessions in the future if staff find these meetings helpful. Further information about what the pause of VCOD means for staff is on Kingsweb.