Mind and Body go hand in hand

We often think that our physical and mental wellbeing are not linked. When we neglect one, we increase the likelyhood of developing problems for the other. Juggling the different priorities of work and family life, especially during the pandemic, can cause heightened levels of stress. Healthy changes start with little changes. 

Here at Keeping Well South East London we want to support our health and social care staff to feel supported in striking a work\life balance. The pandemic has left us feeling more vulnerable and struggling to cope with managing both work and life. On this page you will find lots of helpful resources to guide you on your health and wellbeing journey. 

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Your Mind Plan - This short quiz is brought to you by NHS England. The quiz includes 5 questions for you and the answers will help you build a practical plan you can use to help maintain and improve your mental health and wellbeing.

My Possible Self - Interactive tools and techniques using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques. 

Better Health - Kick start your health by access one of the many areas to improve and target our overall health and wellbeing. From couch to 5k to easy meals there is an app for what you are looking for. 

Headspace - A science-backed app in mindfulness and meditation, providing unique tools and resources to help reduce stress, build resilience, and aid better sleep.

Movement for Modern Life - A British online yoga platform that brings together world class yoga teachers, inspired movement and mindfulness into your home or a place of comfort. 

Stay Alive app - A suicide prevention resource for the UK, packed full of useful information and tools to help you stay safe in crisis. 

Unmind - A mental health platform that empowers staff to proactively improve their mental wellbeing. 

Have you checked your MOT?

There are many ways to check our health MOT. One of the ways is by taking one of our self-assesment quizs. Follow below to check out some of out resources.

Self assessment tools 

The self assessment tools below can help if you are unsure whether you should seek support to talk to someone.

Self assessment tool 1 - Looks at the common symptoms that are associated with low mood. 

Self assessment tool 2 - Looks at the common symptoms that are associated with anxiety.  

Rest and Recharge (R'n'R)

It is important that we rest at home and at work. Finding time to take a break helps us to  be sure we are giving the best care to our service users, colleagues, and ourselves. 

Check out our Rest and Recharage resources below for more resources.

Taking a break, recharging and making space for what is important to me - Keeping Well resource to remind you to take a break. 

Rest, Rehydrate, Refuel  - Encouraging health and social care managers to ensure staff are taking their at-work breaks, are well hydrated and have access to nutritional food.

Connecting with others - Keeping Well resource to support reconnecting with colleagues, friends and family. 

Mindfulness and Relaxation - Keeping Well resource to support taking 10 minutes on a lunch break for mindfulness. 

NHS Support Offers - Additional services available for health and social care workers.

CARE Health and Wellbeing - The Department of Health & Social Care has developed additional, specific support available to those in Social Care. 

Cityparents - This programme offers expertise and support to help you balance work with family life. 

Project5 - Free service for health and social care staff. Project5 delivers access to structured and highly skilled support that is designed to enable success at work, through activating the strengths of people to achieve balance and connectedness to their purpose at work. 

Frontline19 - A free independent, confidential and UK  based nationwide service delivering psychological support to people working on the frontline.

Mental Health at Work - Wellbeing support for health and social care workers. 

REACT Mental Health conversation training - Empowering you to support the mental health and wellbeing of our NHS people. 

The Care Workers’ Charity (CWC) - Founded in 2009 with the objective of supporting current and former care workers with one-off crisis grants.

Samaritans - Samaritans have launched a new, confidential support lines for health and social care workers and volunteers based in England and Wales.