The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a significant burden on trainee and qualified nurses and midwives' mental wellbeing. Research shows that speaking to your colleagues is often the first point of call when reaching out for support. However, this can sometimes be more burdensome than beneficial.

There are many useful and supportive organisations, which have been linked to on this page. Making the time to help your mental wellbeing can be tricky. The resources below can be accesssed at a time and place that suits you. 

Royal College of NursingClick on the RCN's logo for information about your mental wellbeing during Covid-19. 

MindClick on Mind's icon to find out about tips on how to look after your own mental wellbeing as a nurse. This is applicable to midwives too. 

Nursing Association of Jamaica Click on the logo for educational, professional and personal support to new nurses coming to the UK from Jamaica. If you have been recruited to work in the NHS during the last 18 months and feel unsupported, contact 

  • Frontline provides a 1-2-1 support 24/7 via a helpline, and online resources for healthcare professionals working on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • NHS in Mind has free mindfulness and relaxation exercises for NHS staff to alleviate anxiety, panic and fatigue.
  • NHS England have wellbeing support options, how to guides and upcoming events.
  • For those who manage other nurses or midwives, there is support for you through Covid-19.

Nurse Line logoNurse Lifeline is a free confidential peer to peer listening service that is available to support nurses and midwives.

Covid Response Trauma Working GroupCovid Trauma Response Working Group has guidance about the psychological support likely to be helpful for survivors during and after the pandemic; tips for coping with stress, available in different languages; a comprehensive list of useful evidence-based resources for organisations and health and social care workers.

Doctors in distressDoctors in distress host confidential, facilitated support groups for healthcare workers, with the aim of reducing suicide amongst healthcare workers.

A new series of group support sessions for nurses and allied healthcare workers is launching with a webinar on Monday 18 October. 

The weekly support groups, facilitated by trained professionals, will then begin week beginning 1st November and run for 8 weeks via Zoom. The aim of the programme is to offer mental well-being support as well as a safe space to share experiences with colleagues and trained facilitators.

For more information and to book your ticket for the launch, please visit here.

If you are a student nurse/midwife, currently doing an apprenticeship, or newly qualified, click on the button below to view a page dedicated to you.

What is a wellbeing conversation?

The NHS People Plan 2020-21 sets out the ambition that “From September 2020, every member of the NHS should have a health and wellbeing conversation and develop a personalised plan.

These conversations may fit within an appraisal, job plan or one-to-one line management discussion, and should be reviewed at least annually. As part of this conversation, line managers will be expected to discuss the individual’s health and wellbeing, and any flexible working requirements, as well as equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Get in touch if you would like to be involved in developing your professional area.

If you would like to speak to one of the team about support that is available, click the button below.