Leaders: Looking after yourself

Evidence tells us that the immediate manager and senior support are the most important factors in protecting staff mental health.

To lead your team compassionately and inclusively during these extraordinary times, what are some of the most important things you can do?

You are not super-human! Who’s got your back? Where is your space to recharge and make sense of the chaos? Paying attention to your own wellbeing will maximise your ability to help patients and colleagues through the crisis.

Here's a guide on how leaders can look after themselves during a crisis
Leaders; Looking after yourself

Health and Wellbeing Conversations:
Implementation advice for NHS executives

  • A guide for executive leaders has been published, offering advice on how to effectively implement Health and Wellbeing Conversations in your organisation. This includes considerations of how to begin implementation alongside the demands of recovering services, winter and COVID-19.
  • Health and Wellbeing Conversations are supportive, one-to-one discussions focused on building individual and team resilience. They involve the individual staff member and someone they trust such as a line manager, at work at a time and place that suits the participants.
  • The guide outlines:
    • • The case for including the conversations in your existing strategy and the underpinning evidence base
    • • General points to consider on implementation
    • • Pragmatic advice on how to get started in busy pressured autumn/winter
    • • Current and future resources
  • You can access the guidance here.

Upcoming Events: Leadership Support Circles

How has the last year leading a team through COVID 19 been for you?

Probably pretty intense and tiring! If you could use a boost, why not check out the award-winning Leadership Support Circles, now being offered to all managers within South East London ICS? 

Circles provide a safe, reflective space to come together with other managers to share experience They provide evidence-based guidance and tools similar to Schwartz Rounds and Care Circles. 

Circles run for 1 hour and are hosted virtually by ICS colleagues Each circle focuses on one of 10 elements of leadership and management most important during and after crisis.

Click on the images below for further details and to book your free places via Eventbrite.
This series is running between 2nd June and 7th July 2021.
Please book early to avoid disappointment!
*duplicate sessions - only attend one

Introduction session 1*

3. Set the emotional tone

7. Create safe spaces

Introduction session 2*

4. Be inclusive in the way you lead

8. Encourage everyone to talk

1. Look after yourself

5. Maintain routines

9. Look out for your team

2. Speak candidly and compassionately

6. Give yourself space to make the right call

10. Acknowledge the hurt